A Look at Women in Skilled Trades

People work for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, we need money or income to survive. You need money for peace of mind, so you can pay your bills, take care of your family, and have funds for whatever medical condition might crop up in your lives. Secondly, a job allows us independence. Your money allows you the ability to do whatever you want (within reason and legally). Having a job can allow you the independence to try new things by yourself, separate from others. Imagine spending eight hours a day doing what you love doing, rather than being forced to do something that you don’t like. Being a part of a workforce also provides you with a feeling of being productive

As a part of the job force, many women work in a variety of fields. In 2019 alone, approximately 76,852,000 women represented close to half of the United States labor force. As mentioned, women can be found in a variety of different fields of industry across the U.S. What we’ll focus on today is looking at women in a variety of skilled trades across the United States employment spectrum.

Beauty Salon Owner


One of the most popular trades that are available to enterprising women business entrepreneurs is beauty services. Specifically, working as a beauty salon owner is a trade or career choice that can put a lot of money in many women’s pockets. Beauty salons offer a wide variety of services to many customers. Many of these shops offer professional hair cutting, hair styling, manicures, pedicures, makeovers, shampooing, shaving, and even scalp massages.

For a customer, places like these can be time savers and lifesavers. For instance, say you’ve made it a habit to purchase pedicure kits for home. With the use of your home pedicure kit, you go through the daily, or maybe weekly routine of taking care of your feet from the comfort of your home. You’re an expert at using such pedicure tools of the self-foot care trade as foot files, nail clippers, pumice stones, foot cream, cuticle pushers, and cuticle serum. What if you don’t have the time to dedicate to your callus removal or foot filing of dead skin duties? This is where it helps to head to a beauty salon, and have them take care of these same needs. Choosing the trade of a beauty salon owner will allow you a chance to provide such services to your customers.

Insurance Agent

Insurance is a major component of many people’s lives. It protects their homes, their automobiles, and their loved ones. Often though, purchasing insurance is not just as easy as clicking a button, and you’re instantly covered. In cases like these, it’s best to seek out the assistance of a licensed insurance agent. Many of these licensed agents in the United States are women who have chosen this trade for a career. For many customers, these women are invaluable sources of information, helping them to answer questions like “what’s the difference between travel and life insurance”?

These insurance agents can help people to sift through any insurance-related terms and ideas like digging deeper into life insurance, travel insurance policies, and how to work with an underwriter. They’ll also guide you as you sift through many types of medical coverage options, attempt to figure out what the best life insurance policy is for your family, and try to figure out what group life insurance will work best for the type of medical condition which you may have.

Construction Worker


Many women have called the construction industry their chosen trade profession for years now. They work as painters, carpenters, repair workers, electricians, drywall installers, truck drivers, heating and air conditioning mechanics, and plumbers underneath the construction banner. With working in this field, it’s always helpful to have some type of insurance that provides medical coverage in the unfortunate chance that you are hurt on the job and a hospital visit is needed. Also, having life insurance while working in the construction field is something that should be considered.