Finding the Right Products for a Church

Whether you’re thinking about opening a church, starting up a mobile church, or already work as a church leader, shopping for products for use in your church can be fun. With a little research and using technology to access a global market, church leaders can find products that will work well for any religious belief system or congregation size. If you’re curious about ways to find the right products for your church, read on.

Finding Customizable Items


A great way to begin collecting products to use in a new church is to start with a Google search like ‘great customizable items for your church.’ Whether it’s that you hope to have the name of your church embossed on leather bibles or you’re looking to see your logo placed on promotional products for the first time, personalized products can be a great way to spread the word about your new church.

Even if you already have an established church, the idea of customizing things like baptismal candles, first communion shawls or bibles, confirmation crosses, and more could be a nice touch to celebrate milestones in your congregation member’s lives. You could personalize other items for bible study classes, scripture pamphlets, material for those in spiritual counseling, and church group promotional materials. Whether your goal is to attract the attention of a new person considering joining your church or as a great gift to those who volunteer in your parish, customized products could be a great addition to your house of faith.

Materials for Couples Struggling in Relationships


Many churches are known for their work behind the scenes with members struggling in relationships or matters of faith. If you’re a pastor who works with struggling couples, families at risk, or who uses faith to help people through grief, having the right products is important. From the perfect thoughtful gift for a mother is grieving after losing a baby to journals for couples working on improving their relationship, you’ll want to consider products for your church that you can use in the process of counseling.

Maybe you’ve been working with a grieving widow and her family for years. After overcoming her grief, she’s been experiencing loneliness. Perhaps you’ve suffered a loss, too, and have been preparing yourself to get back on the dating scene and know how difficult it can be to move toward a new relationship. In a situation like this, empathy is a tool you likely use to help understand what she’s going through. When considering products to help her transition into a new life phase, consider what might be working for you. Instead of encouraging her to get back into the dating scene with no support, a better way might be to help her handle her anxiety about moving on from her previous relationship with grief workbooks, tools that offer empowerment, and helping her with issues like self-esteem and confidence.

Special Events and Occasions


One of the most obvious areas you’ll need products for your house of faith is in the area of special events. Maybe your church is about to celebrate the sacrament of confirmation, and you need confirmation gift suggestions for a large group of adolescents. A great option is to start with an online search for confirmation gift ideas for that upcoming event well in advance. By doing your research well in advance and buying in bulk, you’ll be able to save money while still offering inexpensive gifts that celebrate the bigger gift of the Holy Spirit.

Regular Services


Any church needs regular products that come at regular intervals. From psalm and scripture books to chalices, crosses, rosary beads, and other items, it’s important to hook up with a bulk sale vendor you trust for products that you can order over and over for the long run. You know what will work best for your congregation. Taking the time to price compare, and shop for the perfect items specific to your church’s needs will add to your services and help build community and a sense of connection to God for believers.

As a leader of faith, you’re in the unique position of being able to make huge changes in people’s lives. Finding the right product for your church is simply a start. The rest is up to you and God.