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How To Get Your House in Order This Summer

It’s now only a matter of weeks before the days of sweltering temperatures, hurricane warnings, and tending to bug bites on the kids after a long day of playing outside arrives. Yes, summer is on the way, and most homeowners’ thoughts are turning to get themselves, their families, and their homes ready for the sunny, fun days ahead.

As is to be expected lately, this summer is expected to be humid, extremely hot, and miserable outside in some areas. Before the spring flowers start to wilt under the searing sun of summer, take the tips below on how to prepare your home and your family for the summer heat ahead.

Plan your summer.


The first thing you should do is plan things you should do before summer ends. It’s super easy to get so tangled up in mowing the lawn, watering the spider plants, and shuttling the kids from here to there for summer activities, that the summer gets away from you, and you’ve had no vacation. Make a list of the things that you want to do as a family before the summer ends.

Things such as taking a family road trip, cooking smores over a fire in the backyard, and even sitting outside with the family to watch a gorgeous sunset are things that shouldn’t be taken for granted and should be done before summer ends and the winter begins once again.

Take care of the hard stuff.


The last thing you want while trying to have fun with your family this summer is to be worried about the hard stuff. Take care of finding out the essential things to know about life insurance before you head out on your summer vacation. It’s important to contact life insurers to discuss the premiums on your life insurance policy, the cash value, and even the death benefit, as well as who your beneficiary will be before you head out on vacation.

You don’t want to have something happen and have to worry about whether your life insurance is in effect or if your premiums are up-to-date, or even if you have enough death benefits to keep your beneficiary and your family going if you should no longer be with them. Taking care of that life insurance policy through your life insurers makes good common sense before you leave for vacation, for your own peace of mind. Once your appointment with the life insurers is out of the way, and you’re comfortable with the premiums on your life insurance policy, then you can go on vacation with no worries.

Spring clean and declutter your home and yard.


It seems like, over the winter, a home becomes cluttered and stuffy. When the weather starts to warm up in the spring, go ahead and throw open your windows to the fresh gentle breezes outside. Start your spring cleaning on the inside by decluttering your home and cleaning everything from top to bottom. Once you’re done on the inside, move to the outside and start by picking up leaves and anything that has gathered in your yard over the cold, hard winter months.

Once your home and yard are decluttered and clean, bring in some indoor and outdoor plants to liven up both spaces. There are many pet-friendly house plants for the backyard and the interior of your home that will brighten up both areas and bring a little bit of the outside inside with these spider plants, African violets, and even Boston ferns. Nothing says summertime like house plants and a cone of ice cream, of course.

Now that you’ve gotten your home filled with house plants contacted your life insurers about the premiums, death benefits, and cash value of your term life insurance or permanent life insurance policies; you can go on vacation for the summer and have great peace of mind in knowing that your home and life are taken care of and will be nice, neat, and welcoming when your family gets back home.