Hi everyone!


My name is Abby B, momma to Tyson and Olivia who are now 8 and 11. I used to be a slick entrepreneur, #GirlBoss even. But after Olivia was born I decided to double-down on my mom duties and do the best that I can for the kiddos. It hasn’t  always been easy, but it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve done. No worries though, my  entrepreneurial spirit lives! After Tyson started school, I created domesticatedmomma.com as a way to reconnect with the outside world and share some of the life lessons that I’ve learned. Sometimes I like to share health and beauty tips that I find, and other times it’s advice on how to deal with common family issues. I feel so lucky to have reached so many of you in this short time, and hope that this site continues to  grow.


Thank you for your continued support!