3 Perks of Living in Canada

A beautiful country geographically located above the United States in North America, Canada offers its citizens not only the best of Mother Nature but a fantastic health system and human rights laws, too. If you’ve ever wondered about what it might be like to live in Canada or what the country has to offer, read on for the three best parts of becoming a Canadian citizen.

1. Health Care and Medications


Most Canadian citizens can tell you that their pharmacy system is one of the best in the world. With low drug prices, online Canadian pharmacies, and the ability to obtain professional medical advice free of charge, this country’s universal health care system adds up to one of the best parts of living in Canada. If you have a medical condition and live in the United States, for example, you may never have had the easy refill or low drug prices experiences that Canadians do with the best Canada pharmacy fulfillment centers. With drug prices even lower than those in the United Kingdom, Canadian pharmacies and the overall health care system are one to keep an eye on for those looking to make a change in their own countries.

2. Administrative Law Advocates


On top of great pharmacies and a universal health plan, Canadians enjoy labor laws that protect human rights. Thanks to the hard work of people like Malliha Wilson, administrative law in Canada is social justice-minded. Wilson is a Tamil lawyer who served as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General of Ontario from April 2008 to November 2016. Now in private practice, she’s spent a career working to ensure human rights in the workforce of Canada. Whether you plan to work in the Ontario public sector or are simply in Canada to attend York University in Toronto, the hard work of Wilson and other advocates like her mean better working conditions in spite of the complex litigation it took to get there and make the change.

3. Climate and Nature


Perhaps one of the best things about living in Canada is that it boasts one of the largest coastlines in the world. This is a country with forty-five national parks and dozens of species of wildlife you can’t find anywhere else in the world. While Canada is like any other country when it comes to dealing with issues of climate change, environmentalists in Canada are working hard to make changes to preserve this nation’s breathtaking nature locations.

It’s because of Canada’s expansive coast and back roads that many people travel to Canada in search of a grand adventure. With four seasons and cooler temperatures, this is a country that offers something for everyone who enjoys spending time in nature. On top of that, Canada’s friendly people, festivals, and nightclub scenes in the bigger cities draw a younger crowd, too. Heavy on outdoor activities from boating and hiking to skiing and snow sports, Canada offers four-season charm in addition to options. Between bigger cities, you’ll find small towns with unique personalities and populations as low as dozens but certainly not short on hospitality or fine dining.

In the end, few could argue that Canada isn’t a great place to live in or visit. While no country is perfect, Canada is a place where positive change and progress are always happening. Whether you plan to go to Canada to earn your undergraduate degree, have business there, are planning to travel, or hope to become a Canadian citizen, odds are that you’ll be impressed with all the country has to offer from Ontario to British Columbia. Happy travels to you and don’t forget to check out the world wonders like Niagara. You might just find you want to stay well beyond your visit.