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What Are Commercial Landlords Responsible For?

In the modern business world, it isn’t always practical to own your own building for your company. With so many opportunities for expansion and constant changes to the current climate, it can often be a more practical idea to rent out a space to do your business. This is considered a commercial property. Whether you’re renting out a storefront or a larger office space, there are some things you should know before signing a commercial lease of this nature.

First of all, it’s important to understand your relationship with your landlord. Just like in residential living spaces, you’ll sign a lease that outlines your responsibilities and the responsibilities of the commercial landlord. Still, it helps to have a general awareness of what duties and services you can expect from your landlord before you go about renting a space. Here are some general distinctions between what a commercial landlord is responsible for and what you can expect to handle on your own.

What are commercial landlords?

First, it helps to go over a basic definition of what commercial landlords are. These are the individuals or companies who rent out large spaces for specific businesses and organizations. If you are a commercial tenant, these will be the people you reach out to about any issues with the building or general concerns about your lease. They also deal with the zoning regulations and making sure the building is up to code.

Landlords take care of any structural issues and building systems.

One of the biggest responsibilities of your landlord is to take care of the structure of the building. They will be responsible for any shared systems and structural damage that wasn’t caused by a tenant. This includes basic safety structures for fire, electricity, and asbestos management. This will also include any big systems like the HVAC unit. If you’re having trouble with your heat or AC unit, your landlord will bring in professional technicians to work on the repair service. Whether you need AC repair in Vero Beach in the Florida heat or HVAC services in the winter up north, your commercial landlord should help you get exceptional service from techs who will do a great job. These kinds of structural repairs are their responsibility.

The landlord will also be responsible for the exterior of the building.

The exterior of the building is also the responsibility of the landlords. Whether the siding of the building needs a facelift or you want to add some landscaping, that would be a landlord issue. This includes redoing the parking lot and surrounding areas. You can make an appointment today with Semper Fi Striping to see how to strip your parking lot to make way for a new organization system. With fast-growing companies like this, you know you’ll get great work on your lot.

Tenants take care of minor damages or issues caused by negligence.

Now that you understand what a commercial landlord is responsible for, it’s time to learn what you need to take care of as a tenant. Any damage to internal systems or wear and tear to the space will be your responsibility. Think of it this way. Your landlord will make sure the electricity is running, but you’re still responsible for changing the light bulb.

Everything should be spelled out in the lease.

Overall, the details of your lease agreement should spell out any additional responsibilities of the landlord or the tenant. Make sure you read everything over carefully so you know exactly what to expect in the case of emergency repairs and regular maintenance. This will help you clear up any confusion as a commercial tenant.