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Why It’s a Good Idea to Tackle High-Priority Home Improvement Projects First

When you first move into a new home, you might have a dozen passion projects that you want to work on. You’re picking out paint colors for the entire house and reading up on design trends to remodel your kitchen. However, you will likely have several high-priority projects that need your attention first. These can’t be ignored. Here’s why you should focus on the key issues in your new place and address them immediately.

Waiting on projects can make them more expensive.

There are some home improvement projects that can’t wait for you to save money or find time to work on them. Some issues will get increasingly worse and cause more problems for your home—increasing the cost to repair them.

For example, if you discover a leak in your windows the first time it rains, you can’t wait several months to bring someone out. During that time, your walls and floors could become damaged by the water and warp, turning a basic home repair into a serious project. You are better off requesting replacement windows immediately from a reputable company like Madcity Windows instead of putting off the project.

Think of it this way: by catching issues when they first start out, you can save money on repairs. This allows you to have an improvement budget for more exciting aesthetic projects.

Some projects need to be addressed ahead of weather events.

If you are a homeowner who just completed a local move, then you know how your region experiences different seasons. For example, summer is considered the rainy season in Florida, where tropical storms and hurricanes can drop several inches of rain each day. In the north, the winter months can leave snow on the ground for months on end.

Consider the weather needs of your area as you evaluate projects in your new house. You may need to get a few things taken care of before certain weather events occur. No one wants a leaky roof during a rainstorm or a broken bath pipe over Christmas.

If you aren’t familiar with the area, ask your friends or neighbors for help. They can give you tips for weather preparedness.

You can build your move around these projects.

If there are projects that need to be addressed immediately, like new plumbing in the bath or a total home rewiring, consider building your move around these improvements. For example, if you are making a local move across town, keep your belongings in a storage unit for a few months while you work on the house. This way you won’t have to worry about clearing out a bedroom or living area for the contractors you hire.

To reduce stress, you can even build moving into your renovation budget. The best Scottsdale movers do a great job working around your schedule, so they can move your items in after your emergency repairs are done. Even if you are making a long-distance move across the country or traveling from the Midwest, you can still schedule renovations ahead of time. Look for short-term housing in your area while the professionals work on your house.

Moving is stressful enough. Don’t try to work with contractors while you unpack and arrange your belongings as a new homeowner.

As a new homeowner, you will quickly realize that owning a house is hard work. There are dozens of projects that need to be completed and a new issue can derail your plans completely. However, by addressing key problems as soon as they crop up, you can save money and reduce your overall stress levels. You have years to love your home and improve it, but you need to focus on the big issues first.