How to Earn Cash Back on Your Favorite Products

There’s nothing like finding a discount on the products or services that you’ve had your eye on. What’s even better, though, is getting cash back for the things you buy. There are more methods than ever that allow shoppers to score on their spending, whether it’s in-person or online shopping at either a major retailer or a smaller mom-and-pop operation. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can score cashback as soon as possible.

Cashback Apps


A good deal can be hard to find when you’re working your way through a litany of options. It’s easy to overpay for things like groceries when you’re tempted by specials, and some people just don’t have time to clip coupons. That’s where rebate services like iBotta come into play. The best part of a service like this is that you can sign up for an iBotta free trial without having to give over a credit card, and download their mobile app is free.

iBotta condenses exclusive offers and cashback for shopping at your favorite stores. Shoppers can now save money on their everyday purchases without having to comb through a circular or scavenge online for a coupon to spare them a little bit of cash. Apps like iBotta are a great convenience, whether you’re shopping for gowns, everyday pants, or non-attire items. Instead of waiting for a cashier to scan every barcode in a stack of coupons at checkout, your receipts help you score cashback benefits to save you money.

Cashback Credit Cards


One of the most common ways to get some money back on your purchases is through cashback credit cards. Major credit card providers and banks are offering a certain percentage back on what you buy, highlighting categories during certain times of the year. For example, a cashback credit card may up the savings by some percentage at say the grocery store or gas station. These companies offer this function as a chance to build up some extra bonuses, or to use the cashback balance towards paying out the credit card’s balance.

That money could be set towards a special occasion, or even helping to get some more cash rewards from that special day. Take, for example, an upcoming wedding. You could have your eye on a Salwar suit new design, the traditional Indian dress in shades of red and maroon worn by Indian women who are brides. This upgrade in wardrobe can be rewarded on the credit card you used. Salwar suits in silk fabric with gold zardozi are a popular choice, while floral wedding Salwar suits have become a more popular option for a spring or summertime affair. It’s also perfect attire for bridesmaids.

Cashback Rewards Programs


As more retailers rely on e-commerce, they’ve found the benefit of creating customer benefit accounts that not only offer up coupons at their online checkout but a chance to gain points to get cashback. More consumers are using the Walmart app to build up rebates in the long run to save the next time they purchase online or even when they walk into a brick-and-mortar location. The blouse or dress you buy today could save you on groceries tomorrow.

When you make a purchase through an online store, you may get a notification asking you to sign up for a rewards account, getting an immediate discount on what’s in your shopping cart today. Those points are then carried down the line, with the retailer alerting you to your balance, and how it translates to cashback on certain purchases. A clothing outlet like Old Navy might use that subscription service to build up cash value with no hassle when it comes to quicker checkout and monitoring how much you could eventually be saved.