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How To Determine the Right Size Pool for Your Home

With summer coming sooner than you might think, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you want to spend your time when the weather gets warmer and schools are out for a few weeks. While summertime typically involves camps for children, breaking out your petite maxi skirts and dressing up for some outdoor dining with friends, and vacations to exciting destinations, things might be a little different this year thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. That being said, just because COVID-19 numbers are making things a bit uncertain regarding the future doesn’t mean that you still can’t plan fun activities for the summer. In fact, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy your summer if you get smart about the activities you want to partake in.

One of the perfect examples of a summertime activity that COVID-19 can’t cancel is enjoying a swim on a hot day. If you don’t have a pool currently, now is the perfect time to start budgeting and planning for construction before the warmer months arrive. When it comes to pool design, there are all sorts of exciting routes you may choose to take. Read on for a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when determining the right dimensions for a backyard pool.

Survey your backyard before making a commitment.


One of the first steps you’ll want to take when preparing for new pool construction is to look at your existing home’s footprint and figuring out where your pool can actually fit. It’s not unheard of for some homeowners to already have landscaping in their backyard, such as water features or a garden that need to be negotiated around during a pool installation. If you want an in-ground pool, you may have more flexibility about the size and shape of your pool, but above ground pools come in preset shapes and sizes, so make sure that you measure different aspects of any outdoor living areas you plan on continuing to use before you select styles and actually begin your new pool construction.

Talk to a pool company about the features that are most interesting to you.


Just because you’re focusing on new pool construction doesn’t mean that there aren’t other features that you might be interested in having that a pool company can help you with. From adding spa features and LED lights to including waterfalls as part of your design, once you start looking at the different add-ons you can have from your pool builder your imagination will likely run wild. When it comes time to select styles, looking at a photo gallery can be a great source of inspiration, so reach out to local pool builders in Lakeland FL or another city nearby to see what sorts of outdoor living areas they’ve helped shape with their quality construction and water features.

Make sure your choices fit within your budget.

Of course, new pool construction can be expensive if you really run wild with the finishes and features you add, so as you select styles be cognizant of the cost associated with any add-ons. While you want to create a pool of the highest quality, it’s just as important to consider the price, since pool maintenance is a yearly expense in addition to the original construction. If you and the rest of your family usually wear petite sizes in the first place, perhaps you don’t need the largest pool possible anyway. This can allow you to scale back the size or shape of your pool to ensure that it not only fits in your backyard but also fits within your budget. The result is a win-win when it comes to getting quality construction on your pool and a size everyone can enjoy.