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How to Properly Care For and Store Simulated Jewelry

Whether your diamond ring features a natural diamond or a lab-grown diamond, it’s important to keep it clean and properly stored. A quick daily cleaning can keep your synthetic diamonds or natural diamonds brilliant and sparkling, and reduce the need for deeper cleanings. It’s always best to keep your diamond ring safely stored in a dedicated ring box when not wearing it.

Engagement rings aren’t indestructible, and it can happen that the metal of your setting bends or breaks from daily wear and pressure. It’s a good idea to remove your ring when putting a lot of wear and tear on your hands. Regular maintenance of your synthetic diamonds is a great way to check for loose stones, worn prongs, or any other issues that need an expert inspection.

Protect your precious pieces.


It’s never a bad idea to ensure your diamond engagement ring against the unexpected. You can find jewelry insurance that will protect you against the loss, theft, or damage to your diamond. Purchasing a lab-grown or natural diamond is no small expense, and it can take a long time to save enough money to purchase the perfect stone. It helps to have a financial institution that meets your financial needs and can help prepare you for your purchase.

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Use a simple cleaning method.


Rings develop a buildup over time from the use of lotion, makeup, cleaning products, and anything else that gets on your hands. Soaking your ring in mild soap and warm water for 10-20 minutes will break up greasy deposits that can be gently scrubbed with a soft toothbrush. You can always use a bit of lemon juice or white vinegar to help clean away film and cloudiness and restore shine. Once you have scrubbed your jewelry with a soft toothbrush, thoroughly rinse it in clean warm water to ensure it’s residue-free.

When shopping for lab-grown diamonds, you want to work with a jeweler who has a positive reputation in the jewelry industry. Lab-grown diamonds have the same brilliance and sparkle like real diamonds but come at a more affordable price. Agape Diamonds LLC offers a lifetime warranty on each lab-grown diamond and Agape simulated diamond in their catalog. According to Agape Diamonds reviews, buyers can enjoy free shipping, a 30-day return policy, and a certificate of authenticity on all Agape diamonds. The reputable jeweler offers expert craftsmanship on all of their earrings, necklaces, diamond engagement rings, and more.

Make your jewelry last.


Taking proper care of your diamond is the best way to extend the time between cleanings and keep your stone looking new. The best way to store your lab-grown diamond is to give it a dedicated space in your jewelry box. Wrapping it in a soft cloth or storing it in an anti-tarnish bag will help keep it clean. Always be mindful of the products you use on your body when wearing your diamond.

Apply lotion, makeup, and/or perfume before slipping on your diamond ring. This will reduce the number of substances that get into your setting and cause it to get dirty. You should always remove your ring before working out, cleaning, gardening, or doing any other activity that’s intensive on your hands or causes sweat.

The best way to make your synthetic diamonds shine is to properly care for them.