4 Simple School Strategies for Students With ADHD

Putting a child with ADHD through school is no easy task. It can be straining on the entire family as everyone works together to help that child succeed. Children with ADHD just function a little differently than their classmates, because they may have trouble paying attention, controlling impulses, or may present as overly active.

Even the brightest can fall behind in school due to incomplete assignments. Although it may take a little more work, ADHD can be managed and your child can have a successful educational career. It’s all about finding what works for your child and finding people who can help you along the way. Here are four simple school strategies for students with ADHD that can help you along the way.

Success is a two-way street

Your child with ADHD may need special accommodations or attention that some schools can’t provide. It’s much easier for your child to succeed in school if he or she has instructors and a school system that’s willing to meet your family halfway. This kind of collaboration results in the best learning environment possible for your son or daughter.

To help you find the school district that is going to be best for you, try visiting Schoolahoop is a free app that helps you discover which school is best for your child—Kindergarten-5th grade—based on their individual needs. After taking the quiz, Schoolahoop will provide you with matches to nearby schools. They’ll even put you in touch with your top matches, so you can schedule a meeting and tour to help you make your final decision. It’s easy, free, and can help your child get where they need to be.

Bring in a professional

Going down this road alone can make everything more challenging. Having someone to act as a guide, like a psychologist, can be a serious game-changer in your child’s studies. According to the Ross Center, early diagnosis and treatment can help minimize ADHD symptoms. If your child isn’t already seeing someone, it’s definitely something to consider. To find some of the best specialists, search for “psychologist for ADHD child.”

The Ross Center should be high on your list of treatment options depending on where you live. They understand that every child is unique and that there are different types of ADHD. Therefore, they really focus on finding the treatment that will be most effective for your child. They also know how important collaborating with families is. They only prescribe things that are sustainable for your family.

Getting Technical

There’s a new medical device that’s been approved by the U.S. FDA that’s designed for children with ADHD who are seven to 12 years old who aren’t taking medication for their symptoms. Parents use the Monarch external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation system at home while their child sleeps. It attaches to your child’s forehead using a small patch and low-level electrical stimulation sends signals to areas of the brain that control attention, emotion, and behavior. You should talk to your doctor in order to get the full details about this device and whether it’s right for your child. If it’s successful for your child, it may be a medication alternative that helps their focus in school.

Everyone likes choices!

One final strategy is giving your child a lot of study options. Yes, the spelling test studying has to get done, but there’s more than one way to do it. Your child should give you less resistance if you let them choose from a list of more than ten ways to complete an activity. Even if that seems like a lot of ways to think of, it should reap considerably less frustration. Who doesn’t like having choices?

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