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Simple Gift Ideas That Your Family Will Truly Appreciate

The festive season is nearly here, so it’s a good time to start searching for the perfect gift for every family member. If you have a hard time coming up with unique gift ideas, you’ve probably been putting this off. If you’re waiting until Christmas Eve to get your gifts, you can’t be surprised if your partner and family members are in a bad mood on Christmas Day. To avoid a family squabble over who got the worst gifts, consider starting your seasonal shopping on the first day of December.

Now that you have a head start, you may be in better control of your time, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to find the perfect set of gifts. How do you pick the best thing for your spouse, how do you know whether the sweater you bought is the perfect fit for your dad, and how are you expected to figure out your mum’s top pick when it comes to scarves? Luckily, you don’t have to have such a hard time shopping for gifts. It doesn’t have to cost all your money either since expensive gifts don’t always mean good ones.

Instead of spending time procrastinating on your shopping, spend time thinking about the recipients instead. Did a family member get a new pup? Does your spouse spend a long time doing household chores every day? Would your mother prefer a little peace of mind over a new scarf, and does your father go golfing after a bad day at work? Digging through detailed information about your family members can help you buy simple but meaningful gifts for everyone in the family. Here’s a guide to help you start your search.

1. An Hour of Housework


Forget looking through your finances to find a way to pay for the diamond earrings you think your spouse wants. Most partners appreciate intimacy and compliments over expensive gifts that mean nothing. Instead of making a big deal of browsing through stores for the perfect present, consider making a big deal of your partner instead. Think about what message your gifts send to your partner instead of how much they cost.

Learning how to give your partner a good gift is a great way to be a better husband or boyfriend. Of course, don’t forget to be a good listener, give out constant hugs, and compliment your spouse or partner too! For the festive season, consider a gift that shows how much you care.

Giving your partner an hour of housework, a day of quality time together, or a weekend of intimacy is a much better idea than a precious metal ring or expensive jewelry. A little passion will go a long way—consider cooking them a romantic dinner, doing a week’s worth of chores, or play an active role in organizing Christmas Day lunch for the family. Remember that the little things can be more valuable for your family than meaningless luxury gifts.

2. An Advent Candle


If your family members are religious, the best way to give them something they care about is to gift them something at the start of the advent season. Think of things for the week of advents like candles, wreaths, personalized ornaments for their trees, or advent calendars. An advent candle is one of the best things to buy for someone who brings a lot of this tradition into their homes. You can get a set of candles with a decorative wreath base, colored candles or candle holders, or even a simple white candle on an advent wreath.

3. A Dog Harness

Does someone in your family have an active dog that they’re always out walking? If so, a leash, collar, or dog harness is a good option for a gift. A durable, custom-fit strap for their large dog or small puppy will say that you care enough to get them something they can use.

You can get a leash or collar with their dog’s name on it, a durable strap custom made for a small dog, or a large dog harness to help them train an over-active animal. Make sure you purchase a dog harness from a reputed brand like Joyride Harness and that it’s lightweight and a proper fit to ensure the dog’s comfort.

4. An Air Plant


If you’re having a hard time with gifts for distant cousins or your spouse’s family, air plants are here to save the day. Air plants are not a new trend, but indoor plants are growing in popularity since Covid-19 restrictions have kept everyone indoors. They’re a great gift option, and not only because they’re small enough to fit in a gift box. The plants are also easy to maintain, require little water, and add much-needed greenery to indoor spaces.

5. Custom Mugs


A set of mugs is the most boring Christmas gift, but a collection of personalized mugs can be a simple gift your family will love. Remember that custom and personalized gifts are always a good option for family members. It doesn’t mean everyone in your family should get a set of monogrammed coasters. Put some more thought into it and consider photo mugs, a cheeky inside joke inscribed on a cup, or a collection designed for a family with personalized mugs for each person.

6. A Family Dinner

When did you last make dinner for the family? You may not be able to get away with one dinner as a gift for your entire family, but it’s an excellent first step for the uninitiated gift-giver. Treat your family to a meal made from scratch—or order out if you’re a terrible cook.

7. An Aromatherapy Set


recent study found rising stress levels in the United States in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. Since your family members are probably also dealing with the fallout from all the negative energy from this year, they’d all appreciate a stress-relieving gift. Aromatherapy sets with body products, essential oils, and scented candles are the best option for any family members who need some peace of mind this year.

8. A Thoughtful Gift Card


Gift cards can be boring, and some may make your family think you didn’t care enough to think about what to get them. It doesn’t mean all gift cards are a terrible idea. A thoughtful gift card can be a good option for almost any family member. All you have to do is make sure you have enough information to ensure the services or products are a good fit for your recipient. Try getting a gift card with exclusive offers on their favorite clothing brands or a week-long meal service so they can relax and spend less time in the kitchen in the New Year.

9. A Family Painting


An excellent gift for a family member is a painting of their favorite family picture. Several artists on e-commerce sites like Etsy offer custom canvas paintings and the chance to commission a unique painting for a loved one. Some artists provide the option to pick your medium, from watercolors and oils to illustrated prints and charcoal sketches. If a canvas painting isn’t what you’re looking for, consider a framed picture or unique options like custom chopping boards.

10. A Gift Basket

Gift baskets aren’t always the best thing, but if you have family members who live far from home, they’re an excellent gift option. Gift your family member a taste of home with an assortment of their favorite flavors, or send them a taste of where you are with a custom food basket. You can fill your basket with anything from jams and cakes to berries and cheese. If food isn’t their thing, consider an assortment of their favorite wine or a basket filled with their favorite grooming products.