Celebrating Family Milestones

For many people across the world, there are events that happen which are huge milestones for everyone involved. A milestone is an important life event. This moment in your life is a marker that represents a time where your life changes in a major way. Events like these can be a new age reached, moving to a new level of education, or even finally saying “I do” to that special someone in your life. Whatever the circumstance, a life-changing milestone is something that takes you from a particular moment in your life to a new and important moment.


There are many family milestones that can be celebrated. Often, events like these are commemorated through special occasions, which allow family, and even friends, to partake in this familial milestone. Some of these events include sweet 16 birthdays, wedding anniversaries, a child heading off to college for the first time, and even a spouse’s retirement. Whatever the occasion, families across the world celebrate such family milestones. Below are a few family milestones that are typically celebrated and how you can make them great.

Infant Baptisms



One big event which happens towards the beginning of a child’s life is baptism. This event normally takes place within Christian households and is seen as both a right of passage for a child and also a milestone for the baby’s parents. Infant baptism is the practice of baptizing babies or young children. This act or event is also known as a “christening” in other faiths. Priests suggest that you should have your child baptized as soon as possible, in some cases two to three months after the infant’s birth.


As far as the reasoning for baptism, there are a few, including that your child will officially be a child of God, your child will be freed from original sin, the child will be a part of the church community, and your child will have an “indelible spiritual mark.” These ceremonies are usually hosted in churches under the direction of a priest. Accessories that are used during the ceremony include specific candles called baptismal candles, Bibles, holy water pots, paschal candles, holy cards, baptism linens, and baptism pamphlets giving a rundown of the baptism itself.

Birthday Parties


Birthdays are also huge milestones that are often celebrated with parties and get-togethers with family and friends. As a recipient of these types of events when you’re a kid, you’re often the star of the show and enjoy a great time by being the birthday child. Let’s say that, as a kid, you grew up in New York City. When you were younger, your parents probably hired a Long Island magician to come out and host a magic show for your first birthday. It was a special event filled with theatrics worthy of a David Copperfield or David Blaine performance. Your parents wanted to celebrate this great milestone and went all out to find one of the best magicians in your area, who came with their trademark magic wand in tow.


Other birthday events, like quinceañera (the Mexican/ Latin celebration of a teenage girl’s 15th birthday) or a bat mitzvah (the Jewish celebration of a teenage boy’s 13th birthday), are held as big family milestone events. These events can get just as large as weddings, or even anniversaries in some cases, turning into huge special events for everyone involved. Birthday milestones include first birthdays, 16th birthdays, 18th birthdays, 21st birthdays, 30th birthdays, and 40th birthdays.

High School Graduations



Another important family milestone that’s celebrated is high school graduations. For parents, this is a major accomplishment, as they get to see their child take that next step towards becoming an adult. Memories of their child’s first communion, celebrating their first birthday party with a professional magician, and other milestones will flood a parent’s memory as they watch their child get their high school diploma. Their child is about to become the star of the show on a larger stage as an adult. Families usually mark such occasions with a huge party, personalized for the graduate, where everyone can celebrate the graduate taking their next step in life.