What to Expect During a Bathroom Remodel

You love your home, but you may not have been a fan of the bathroom’s layout when you bought it. Maybe there are cracks in the tile, or the walls are painted some loud pop of pastel you just don’t want in your life. As a homeowner, it’s important to have an affection for every room of your house. So here are some things to keep in mind if you feel you’re ready for a bathroom remodel.

Be sure to budget wisely.


It’s important to consider the cost of remodeling before moving forward with the process. Be sure to get estimates from technicians regarding gutting out the existing bathroom and assessing the current plumbing system for the toilet, sink, and bath. This will allow you to know how you have on hand to spend on desired elements of your new bathroom. If you are planning on changing lighting and wiring in the bathroom, you’ll need to bring in a licensed electrician as well. Layout all of the desired changes you want to make. This will let you know if you can splurge on the shower stall you’ve had your eye on or if you may have to go a tier down in pricing for the storage and cabinetry under the sink.

Put plumbing repair first.


You’ll want to inspect your plumbing throughout your current bathroom before putting in those nice new fixtures and then having to start all over again. If you have an older home, you may want to look into cast iron pipe repair to make sure the system is up to code. If you notice a sewer smell, that’s the earliest sign of a broken cast iron pipe. That’s because that section of pipe is venting out gases that are meant to go outdoors. Water-stained tiles and grout may also be a warning sign. You’ll also want to look for any clogs that are preventing proper drainage. If roots have made their way into your plumbing, this could be a severe problem that needs immediate pipe repair services. You may be able to consult your insurance company for a claim on such an occasion.

Consider your fixtures and flooring.


A bathroom renovation is no small undertaking, so it’s important to find technicians that have experience making the loo come to life. You may want to Google “bathtub replacement in San Diego” to get a better idea of the cost to put that new tub or shower stall in place. Before the tub or the toilet gets put in place, you may want to consider your tiles and flooring. If there are cracks and the floors are in bad shape, you’ll want to replace them with enough time for the grout to set. It’s important to inspect for any rust or mold that could cause issues down the line. However, keep things on time. Once the flooring is good to go, get those desired fixtures in place.

Don’t be afraid of added touches.


Beyond picking out the bathtub and sink you have had your eye on, consider other elements that may make your bathroom stand out. Pops of color in the paint job may provide a new look you may have never even thought of before. Perhaps you want your new bath to come with jacuzzi jets. Make sure you have the capabilities for that replacement bathtub to be durable for plenty of use. Remember: as homeowners, we want to be happy with the choices that we have put in place. Sometimes, things as little as changing up towels or adding plants can make your bathroom seem like its own little private paradise.