How to Throw Your Pup an Epic Birthday Party

For dog moms and dads everywhere, celebrating your furbaby’s birthday is a momentous event. Your dog has brought you love and affection from the moment they came into your life. They have followed you around and brought comfort every time you’ve needed it. Your dog has brought you an amazing amount of love because it is the only thing they know how to do.

When it’s time to celebrate your loved one’s birthday, you want to make sure it is a day they will enjoy. One way to ensure that is to throw your pup a birthday party filled with treats, family, and friends. While your dog may not know it is their birthday, they will know there is a celebration, and everyone there is happy to see them.

The first step is to make the invitation list. The list should include friends and family that love your dog as much as you do. It should also include their doggie friends and family. To ensure the party doesn’t get too out of hand, you should only invite dogs that can get along well in a group. 

While usually, you may feel obligated to invite all your relatives to a party, this party gives you a little leeway to only invite the people that love your dog enough to celebrate. Also, be cautious of inviting too many young children. With the excitement of a party, things can get out of hand quickly with a large number of small children and dogs.

You can buy light up party favors for the humans and the dogs at the party. Light up chewy toys is a big hit. For humans, you can get them necklaces to wear or light up wands to wave while celebrating. Make sure you get enough chewy toys for everyone to diminish the chances of fighting among the dogs. The hard-plastic light-up chew toys can be ordered online to make shopping easier. Make sure to order them in different sizes to accommodate all the four-legged guests.

You can order fresh dog food and have it delivered to the house before the party to ensure the doggie guests get the freshest, most flavorful food possible. For the human guests, you can order in or plan a potluck or Barbecue. Plan something that will be fun and easy for you because having fun with you is all your dog wants.

Make sure you order plenty of healthy treats for your birthday pup and guests. Provide each dog’s human with the treat bag when they arrive, so they can decide when their dog gets treats and how many treats they get.

For entertainment, you can set up your yard with a variety of dog toys and agility equipment. Even if the dogs in attendance don’t know how to use the agility equipment properly, they can have fun running around. If you don’t mind making a mess, you can set up a couple of kiddie pools with water and let the dogs play in the water as well.

While your guests may want to bring gifts for the birthday pup, it is best to have your dog open the gifts after their other doggie friends have gone home to ensure there is no fighting.  You can take photos or videos when your dog does open gifts to share with your guests to show the excitement and appreciation for their gift.

Although your pup will probably need a nap after such a busy day, it is important to show gratitude. One fun and memorable idea is to buy thank you cards and then help your dog “sign” them with a paw print. You can use paint or an inky pad to create your paw print. Regardless of what you use, make sure to thoroughly wash your dog’s foot before letting them walk around the house.

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