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5 Ways to Keep Your Sanity During Quarantine

We’re all feeling it — the last bit of sanity we’ve managed to retain throughout this COVID-19 quarantine is slowly unraveling and it’s so fragile that if you pull that thread, everything falls apart. Maintaining our sanity right now is tough when we’re told to stay at home as much as possible, limit our interactions with friends and family, and wear a mask everywhere we go.

In order to keep sane, you have to focus on your mental health just as much as you worry about the physical effect of the coronavirus. Learn about five strategies to help keep your sanity intact until we are allowed to resume normal activities across the United States.

1. Use hemp and CBD products.


Everyone is stressed right now, and one way to help alleviate that stress is by using CBD products or hemp cigarettes CBD. These are nothing like tobacco cigarettes and are all-natural products, making them a healthier choice for you. CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant and provides a relaxing side effect to those who use it. Carry out some research on CBD oil products to see which may be the best for you — cigarettes, gummies, oil, and more. Companies such as Plain Jane sell expertly made CBD products that will help you work on destressing during the pandemic.

2. Get outside and take a walk.


It’s safe to be outside, so long as you are practicing social distancing guidelines set by the CDC and wear a mask, and don’t get too close to others. Instead of staying cooped up inside all day, figure out a local trail to visit and take a walk so you can enjoy nature. Plus, this gives you a chance to absorb vitamin D from the sun’s rays, which is a natural immune system booster. Staying cooped up in the house all day won’t help your sanity much at all.

3. Find a new creative hobby to occupy your time.


After getting off a long day of work full of Zoom meetings, the last thing you want to do is continue staring at a screen. Instead, look into a different hobby. You could try jigsaw puzzles, order a coloring book for adults, or take an online watercolor class. These activities help exercise your brain and give you something to take your mind off the ever-looming stress of COVID-19. It’s also been shown that coloring can help relax your brain, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

4. Create a new exercise routine.


Some of us may have gained weight during quarantine, and if you are feeling stressed about that, look into creating a new exercise routine that can help you take off some of that weight and feel better overall. Exercising releases endorphins, which in turn make your brain feel better and relax. As always, if you have any health concerns, make sure to run your exercise plan by your doctor so they can verify that it will be safe for you to do. Include some stretches as well or learn yoga to help you get into a more meditative state.

5. Take breaks from the news and your social media feeds.


Turning on the news or opening up Facebook will ultimately end up contributing to your stress — no matter where you turn — it’s all gloom and doom. Instead of letting your mind go down a dark, negative road, step away from the television. Delete the Facebook app from your smartphone, take a break from it all and try to focus on positive things like playing games with your family members or cooking a new recipe that you find online.