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Fun Ideas for a Girls’ Night

Maintaining connections with friends can be difficult as life moves on. But these relationships are important, and setting up girls’ nights to stay connected can make a big difference in your bond. Planning a girls’ night can be almost as much fun as attending one. If you’re looking for a fun way to get together with your besties but aren’t sure how to spend your time together, here are some fun ideas for ways to spend your time together.

What’s your sign?

One of the best ways to spend a girls’ night is to find things you can try together. Think about your common interests before coming up with a theme. Maybe your friends are into spiritual awakenings and curious about astrology. Checking out 333 angel number symbolism or calling a fortune teller might be a fun way to spend the night together. Learning the meaning of angel numbers or figuring out the right path toward enlightenment could be a blast for the right group of friends.

Whether looking up horoscopes and doing palm readings or planning a themed night around tarot cards and meditation, you could encourage one another’s spiritual journey with some simple numerology and astrology plans. If this sounds like it’s for you, let the energy of the universe steer you and your besties toward your true selves.

Spa Night

If beauty and self-care are for you and your friends, you don’t have to stop spiritual growth. Part of planning a girls’ night means combining areas of interest. A great idea for shared laughs and bonding could be as simple as making facial masks and doing each other’s nails. Building a theme around self-care could include asking each of your friends to bring the supplies for one beauty regimen.

Take turns painting each other’s nails, dying hair, and catching up while soaking your feet and giving each other massages.

Movie Night

For those who aren’t interested in getting dressed up, a movie night may be more casual and the perfect way to spend time together. Get some popcorn and make a list of the types of movies your friends like or ask each friend to bring a favorite. The perfect girls’ night could be as simple as watching your favorites. You could combine this idea, too, with a craft or game night. Maybe work on a puzzle or knit together while watching movies from when you met and first became friends.

Start a book club.

If your friends are readers, you could set the perfect girls’ night theme by making it a monthly thing. Starting a book club is a great way to spend time together even when you’re apart. Knowing your reading the same books and plan to talk about them will keep the connections strong even when you aren’t together.

If starting a book club sounds like it might work, think of ways to keep everyone engaged. You could ask one friend to lead and pick each month’s book and come up with discussion questions. Or, if you’re feeling less formal, a fun night could be that everyone shows up dressed as a favorite character from your shared reading.

In the end, there are no wrong answers when planning a girls’ night for you and your friends. The first step is considering common interests. While themes are fun and can set the tone for everything from partying to relaxing, they aren’t necessary. Just knowing you’ll be spending time together could be enough. So give your girlfriends a call and see what they might be in the mood for. Spirituality, spa, book club, movie night, or no real formal plan at all, you’ll thank yourself for it. Happy planning and enjoy your special evening!