Everything You Need to Know About Family Law

Family law is a complex legal field for a variety of reasons. Emotions run high in any family law case. Whether a case is about establishing paternity and a child support order or divorce, family lawyers work to help families unravel tangled emotions, properties, and situations.

Many people don’t realize that a family law firm does more than just help with legal separations or divorces. In fact, experienced family lawyers can work as mediators, handle probate issues, and more. If you have a legal situation in your family and think you might need the help of a family lawyer, read on for more about family law and how a family lawyer might be able to help in your situation.

Family lawyers can help with custody and support meditation.


Family lawyers can be handy when it comes to helping parents come to agreements on custody arrangements or in child support cases. Able to assist noncustodial parents with visitation rights and schedules, they can also help to ensure the child support payments agreed upon by the couple are in line with that state’s court recommended amounts. For families where the couple has a hard time communicating, family lawyers can act as go-betweens when it comes to matters of communication over things like a broken court order or missing child support payments to child support services. They can also help you and your ex-partner to work things out before you ever get to court; making separation easier.

Maybe you live in Orange County and are having trouble with how to set fair child support in your divorce case. A family lawyer would use the Orange County child support to help you and your partner come up with a fair amount the noncustodial parent would pay on a regular basis to assist in paying for a child’s needs. In using a family lawyer, you as the couple would have more control over final court orders if you could agree on amounts before making it to the courtroom. Furthermore, your lawyer could facilitate conversations with your ex-partner’s lawyer too; creating a safe way to communicate in less than amicable situations.

Therapists can help advocate for your child’s interests.


While family therapists don’t play a direct role in family law in most cases, you might be surprised how important they are when it comes to the field of family law. Often assigned as court-appointed special advocates for children in the United States, family therapists can help to make recommendations to the court on child placement.

Family therapists can assist in family court matters in other ways, too. If you and your partner are hoping to make your divorce easier on a child, for example, these highly skilled mental health professionals can work with you and your ex in couples counseling and family therapy. While the goal won’t be reunification, you’ll have tools for things like answering your child’s questions and reassuring them, too. At the same time, depending on your child’s age, family therapists can incorporate them into sessions and offer additional skills like being able to name emotions through speech therapy games. All of this could add up to an easier time in your divorce case.

No two family law cases are the same.


Some people believe that there isn’t a lot of wiggle room when it comes to family law. Because there are child support worksheets for setting up payments, they make the mistake of assuming all cases are simply a matter of following formulas. The reality is that every family and case is different. Like fingerprints, each family has its own circumstances and that will be taken into consideration during your family court case.

Regardless of the reason, you need a family lawyer, the best thing you can do when hiring one is, to be honest with them about your unique situation from the start. They will be able to take a look at your specific circumstances and give you legal options that will help your family to move on.