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Dog Walking Tips that Will Make Your Tail Wag

If your best friend’s ears perk up when you ask if he or she wants to go for a walk, your best friend is probably your dog. Hundred of Americans would agree that the dog is definitely “man’s best friend.” Walks are a great time for both you and your puppy because you’re getting fresh air, soaking up the sunshine, and smelling exciting new things. Not to mention, you’re both exercising and blowing off a little steam. If you’re wondering how can you take your walks to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips that will have you and your pup wagging all the way to and from home.

Sit, stay, good dog

If you have a puppy, the first thing you need to do in order to make your walks magnificent is to go through training. You can’t expect your dog to be “good at walks” if you don’t teach them the ropes. The American Kennel Club offers great advice, resources, and training for all dogs. Making your dog comfortable in just about all situations ensures that you can take your puppy with you wherever you go. Whether it’s to a kid’s birthday party or a busy city stroll with lots of moving traffic, with training your puppy can masterfully sit, stay, listen, and avoid reacting negatively in more stressful environments.

Ditch the low-tech collar and chain

How can you have an optimal walk with old technology? For years, even the best dogs have struggled with their collar and leash set up. When they’re sniffing at tree too long, and pull on their leash to let them know it’s time to go, even the gentlest tug can illicit a terrible gagging noise from your pooch. Leashes attached to only a collar can actually have long-term health effects if your dog pulls. Pulling can damage their trachea, neck vertebrae, and thyroid gland causing very serious health concerns. To make your walk healthy for your dog, purchase a no-pull dog harness. Your dog’s leash simply hooks into a side ring on the harness, preventing any stress on fragile parts of your pooch. Joyride Harness has created harnesses for dogs that range from four to a hundred forty pounds. No matter if you have a little fellow or a big guy, your dog can benefit from one of their harnesses.

Don’t leave the kids at home

When taking your dog and your child out for a walk, it can feel like you really need an extra pair of hands to juggle the clunky stroller and your excited pup. If your stroller is getting in the way of you having a good time while out for some fresh air, it might be time to ditch the old one and find a stroller that will actually cover all of your needs. For a thorough investigation into all strollers visit Need a stroller that will securely lock into place while you pick up your puppy’s business or one that is also a car seat when you all go out for a drive? Stroller Buzz can tell you which brands fit your specifications. Your pet will be ecstatic for a hassle-free walk.

Switch up your stroll

Dogs get into routines, just like people where they insist on walking the same way every day. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the scenery that you’ve seen every day for years. Find a new walking route to show your dog. There will be so many new things to discover that your old dog might turn into a puppy again. Switching routine can keep your dog invested in outdoor time. If you have to drive a little to find a new spot, you may discover a new neighborhood you’d like to call home.

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