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How to Do Self Care Like a Boss

Well, ladies, the verdict is in—self-care is an essential service. Living your best life is not only liberating—it’s essential to your physical and mental health. (It’s also good for your children and significant other). Besides, everyone needs a little “me time,” right?

Whether or not it’s the New Year, there’s never a wrong time to resolve to treat yourself better. Take some time every day or week to make sure you do everything necessary to be your best version of yourself. Continue reading to learn how to do self-care like a boss.

Follow the self-care fundamentals

The most important parts of self-care have to do with fortifying your mental and physical health. You may play a large role in the lives of others, but you can’t be there for them if you don’t rejuvenate yourself regularly.

It’s important that you eat healthily, get the proper amount of sleep, and exercise at least a few days per week. Doing each of those things will have a positive effect on your mind and body.

There are various ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. You can always add some variety to your salads with fruit and greens to get the proper nutrition and still satisfy your tastebuds. If you’re not a salad person, then look online for recipes to help you get some culinary inspiration.

If you have trouble finding the motivation to work out, then get yourself an exercise buddy or a personal trainer. Finding that “get up and go” may be a struggle at first, but you will eventually come to love physical fitness.

It’s crucial that you get adequate rest in order for your to mind to operate its sharpest. Sleep deprivation can cause moodiness, confusion, migraines, and anxiety. Rest isn’t just for your beauty—it’s also for your sanity. Get plenty of sleep, at least six hours a night, to be at your brightest and readiest.

Find a new hobby or side hustle

Everyone needs something outside of their career and loved ones that they enjoy. If there’s a hobby that you used to have, you should get back into it. If you don’t have one, then don’t be afraid to do some experimenting.

Pottery, baking, photography, and embroidery are all hobbies that allow you to express your creativity and learn a skill that’s enriching as well as marketable. There are endless crafts that you could enjoy and even turn into a side hustle. Who knows? You may even discover a new career path.

Upgrade your skin-care and beauty products

There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself from time to time—you deserve it. One of the best ways to indulge your senses is to get a facial or upgrade your skin-care regimen.

One of the ironies of many skin-care products is that they are actually harmful to your skin. All-natural CBD beauty products don’t have many of the harsh chemicals found in the leading beauty brands.

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of the cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana. THC is the high-inducing chemical in marijuana that is often confused with CBD. Most CBD products are made from industrialized hemp and don’t contain any THC in them.

Be your own biggest fan

The way you talk to yourself is the most crucial underlying factor of your self-esteem. Pick out a day to take a thought journal with you everywhere you go, and jot down some of the things you say to yourself throughout the day. You may be surprised at how unkind you are to yourself.

One of the best things you can do for yourself in the way of self-care is to be your own biggest fan. Rather than waiting for others to recognize your greatness, find it within yourself. Always be supportive and congratulatory to number one!

Go on a bottom drawer shopping spree

Looking and feeling sexy is a great confidence booster, and boosting your confidence is one of the most vital aspects of self-care. Go on a shopping spree for the garments you store in your bottom drawer and at the back of your closet.

Treat yourself to some nice sexy lingerie and negligee ensembles, and bring your sexy back. Nothing boosts self-esteem like watching your partner fawn over you in desire. Look online to find the best deals and discounts on the hottest nightwear in your size and style.

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