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4 Tips That Will Have You Looking Hot for Your First Date

Your first date can set the pace for your relationship’s future. Whether your connection survives long enough to see a second date relies heavily on whether or not the first date goes smoothly. A big part of making a good first impression is exuding confidence, and an easy way to feel more confident is to love what you’re wearing and how you look. Sometimes it can be a struggle to feel great about your appearance, especially when it comes to important events. Set yourself up for success with these four tips that will have you looking hot.

1. Dress for Success

A costume can make an actor feel “more in character,” and choosing an outfit you feel great wearing can make you feel more prepared for your first date. If it’s been a while since you’ve put yourself out there or you’re recently getting over an old flame, start fresh with a brand new date outfit; a new relationship requires new digs. Buy something made of a comfortable and breathable fabric so that your date will never see you sweat. And since summer is quickly approaching, you’ll notice that the color white is back in season. If your summer date takes you on a cool, nighttime beach walk or you spend an evening on an outdoor patio, you’ll want something to throw over your shoulders to keep you warm. Shop for a light white jacket, and you’ll be ready for any summer breeze that comes your way.

2. Accentuate what you already have

Girl, you’ve got natural beauty for days! The only thing your makeup has to do is help you highlight your best features, so dazzle your date with your captivating eyes. If you feel like your mascara isn’t quite cutting it, consider using magnetic eyelashes to really accentuate your lids. Magnetic lashes are great because there’s no mess and no waiting—glue can be such a hassle, especially if your hands are a little shaky from nerves. Another plus? Because of their magnetic bond, no matter how much your date makes you laugh and smile, your eyelashes will stay right where you want them.

3. Fresh trim, who’s this?

Your hair can be hard to manage, depending on the last time you had it trimmed. Of course, you don’t want a very dramatic change for your date, but going to the salon and getting your hair trimmed could be exactly what you need to make your locks look healthy. If you go the salon on the afternoon before your date, you can even ask them to curl or straighten your hair, depending on your preference. Showing that you put time and energy into your appearance will make a great impression on your date; it shows that you care enough to make an effort. You still want to look like yourself—that’s who your date is interested in—but it doesn’t hurt to look like a polished version of yourself.

4. Squished toe, no go

Although your first impulse may be to wear those sexy heels that make your legs look a million miles long, depending on what you’re planning on doing for your date, that might not be the best idea. You want your shoes to be versatile and flexible. If you think there’s even a slight chance that you might take a stroll after dinner, you don’t want to be the girl who has to carry her shoes. If your heart is still set on heels, try a wedge or another heel that’s easier to maneuver. You want to be able to go wherever the night takes you, and you can’t do that with squished toes.

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