3 Brands To Check Out if You Love Shoes

Let’s get real—we all want to look good. While there are all kinds of ways to do so, such as with the latest styles in coats, jewelry, or other accessories, it’s not going to matter much if you don’t have a great pair of shoes to tie the look together. According to Statista, in 2019, the average American woman spent about $186.89 on footwear.

Not too surprisingly, women tend to spend the most on shoes compared to other demographics. Likely because they have the benefit of multiple styles and colors when it comes to wardrobe, leading to a need for various shoes. It’s hard not to love shoes as a woman. If you love shoes, check out these three must-see brands.

1. Wild Diva

For designer looks at affordable prices, check out Wild Diva shoes, where you’ll find fluffy sandals, jelly sandals, flat boots, block heels, and stiletto heels in all the latest fashions at the Wild Diva online shop. Whether you’re looking for a look that makes a statement or something casual, if you’re shopping at Wild Diva, you’re at the right place. From chunky or sexy boots to unique or sliming sandals and heels to fun or simple sneakers, you can find it all here.

Wild Diva is the pinnacle of style and beauty if you’re looking for something casual or stylish that also comes in a super unique design. It can be hard to get the right fit when looking for the right pair of shoes (especially one that is stylish and comfortable). Luckily, at Wild Diva, all the shoes are tested and approved by podiatrists, making it more likely that you’ll get a great fit and a comfortable shoe no matter which of the different styles you choose.

2. Power Step Insoles

Did you know that approximately two million people are diagnosed and treated for plantar fasciitis every year in the U.S.? Plantar fasciitis is when the band of tissue supporting the arch of your foot becomes inflamed, causing pain. It’s the most common cause of foot pain. If you’re a runner, on your feet all day, or just suffering from some form of discomfort in your feet, orthotic insoles may be worth consideration. For those suffering from foot pain, knee pain, heel pain, or even back and hip pain, consider PowerStep insoles.

Adding Power Step inserts into your shoes (especially any shoes you wear for long periods of time and/or during physical activity) will provide the arch support needed to prevent physical pain. PowerStep insoles are not only the number one insole recommended by podiatrists, but they were also founded by a podiatrist (and avid runner) Dr. Les Appel. These insoles are unique because they offer more options for a custom orthotic specific to the issues you’re dealing with—whether it be supination, pronation, overpronator, flat feet, or other foot conditions—and your specific foot type while still providing the cushion, arch support, and shock absorption we all expect from an insole.

3. Steve Madden

According to a 2021 article from Cosmopolitan, “wooden soled” clogs are going to be making a big comeback for the fall of 2021. For the latest fall looks, a great brand to look into is the Steve Madden brand. The “Brooklyn Clog” from this designer even made Cosmopolitan’s list of “6 Cute Fall Trends You’re Going to Love.” Lightweight is basically going to be “out” this fall, and this brand gets it. From clogs to loafers, to heels, the verdict’s in—thick soles are what fall 2021 is all about!

Whether you’re looking for thick-soled loafers or clogs, a knee-high boot with a lug sole, a strappy sandal or heel, or a cozy flat in a thin design, you’ll find something fitting both to your style and this year’s fall trends with the Steve Madden brand.