How To Accessorize for Different Occasions

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Accessories are key to a great outfit. From necklaces to belts, there are plenty of ways to dress for any occasion. But how do you know which women’s accessories to choose? Keep reading for a guide on how to accessorize for different occasions.

How to Accessorize for Work


There are a few things to consider when accessorizing for work. First, consider the type of work you do. If you have a more creative job, you may be able to wear brighter colors and more accessories than someone who has a more traditional office job. However, it’s always important to err on the side of caution and stick with classic pieces that will never go out of style. Items like glasses, barrettes, and hair clips are popular accessories for the workplace. For client meetings, go for an understated necklace and a thin belt. You want to elevate your outfit, but you don’t necessarily want your accessories to speak on your behalf. When in doubt, wear something that makes you feel confident.

How to Accessorize for a Night Out

For a night out, feel free to choose accessories that express your personality and add flair to your outfit. When choosing colorful accessories to wear, it is important to consider the outfit’s color palette. For example, if the outfit is predominantly cool-toned, then colors like orange or yellow add a pop of interest. If the outfit is more brightly colored, neutrals like black or brown will let your outfit stand out.

For a more formal night out, like a date, pick accessories that complement your features. For example, if you own a necklace that earns a lot of positive attention, consider pairing it with a sundress or romper with a deeper neckline to highlight the necklace. You could also layer several necklaces. If you do, keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum. You could also wear understated but elegant accessories like a classic watch, a dainty chain necklace, or sterling silver studs.

How to Accessorize for a Family Outing


Family occasions are often filled with carefree vibes and fun adventures. Consider adding versatile accessories to your outfit if you’re attending a family barbecue or dinner. For example, a sun hat pairs well with a casual dress and wedges but also protects you from the sun. A wristlet keeps your belongings safe while letting you be hands-free. Preparation like this is great for weddings, family reunions, and days out at the zoo. You’ll also want to wear comfortable jewelry that subtly elevates a casual outfit. A bright statement necklace and hoops are great additions to a comfortable jumpsuit. If your outing is on a cold day, add black tights and a warm hat to your outfit.

How to Accessorize for a Wedding

For weddings, you’ll want to keep your accessories minimal or understated. After all, you don’t want to upstage the bride and groom. With that in mind, consider wearing a pair of beautiful studs or chandelier earrings and a matching necklace. This will emphasize elegant cohesion. Make sure your accessories are in line with the dress code. Black-tie events require accessories like bow ties and a touch of luxury, so don’t be afraid to pull out the expensive jewelry for this kind of wedding.

For more casual weddings, pick a solid color dress and pair it with accessories that match well with your skin tone and outfit. For example, an emerald dress works well with gold-toned jewelry and hair accessories. Gold tones also work well with olive and neutral-leaning skin tones. For a beach wedding, comfort is a bigger priority than being fancy, so go with layered necklaces, sandals, and breathable materials.

Wearing the right accessories for every occasion will help you feel more confident in your outfit. Accessories can also help you show your personality and style, so follow this guide the next time you attend a fun event.