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Diamonds Aren’t the Only Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds aren’t the only girl’s best friend. From beauty products and technology devices to furry pet friends, women in the United States and all over the world are turning to more than precious gems as favorites. With Valentine’s Day close, it might be time to think about what your girlfriend, wife, mother, or sister wants instead of a diamond. While diamonds will probably always be favorites, if you’re looking for different gift ideas this year to show your love, read on.

Gemstones and Minerals


A classic gift to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or milestone occasion, jewelry will always be a favorite. You don’t need to be a renowned lawyer and mineral enthusiast to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of rare gemstones and minerals. It’s for this reason that many women are hoping for a custom pendant, ring, or bracelet as birthdays and Valentine’s Day approach than the standard diamond.

Rare and precious gems offer not only pops of color to accent any wardrobe, but they have meaning and sentiment behind them too. From crystals to birthday stones and minerals meant to calm, protect, or relax you, the possibilities are endless for custom jewelry pieces. Both durable and something she’ll treasure forever, if you have a woman on your shopping list this year, consider gemstones.

Beauty Products


Looking their best and feeling rejuvenated is important to many women. Whether the woman in your life is big into makeup and enjoys things like faux mink lashes or is more interested in simpler gifts like vegan skincare products, the opportunities are endless when it comes to marking a special occasion with a beauty product gift.

Women all over the world have loved beauty products for a long time, but these days, the variety on the market is making the beauty industry thrive. No matter what part of the world you live in, the gift of makeup or beauty regimen products is something she’ll thank you for. Before picking out this special gift, you’ll want to talk to her. Things like eye shape, skin type, and regular beauty routines will matter when it comes to the types of products she’s attracted to. Ask about allergies, pre-existing conditions, and skin irritants before making that buy. If you aren’t sure, consider a gift certificate to a beauty supply store or a subscription box which will give her options to use what she wants.

Subscription Boxes


Everyone loves fun mail. More and more women are turning to subscription boxes to support their passions and careers. Like their favorite furry friends, women are becoming more and more interested in cruelty-free subscription boxes that come on a regular basis and are themed after everything from beauty and makeup to arts, crafts, and daily living. The perfect gift for any woman on your list, buying her a subscription box membership may be your best bet in helping her find a best friend that will for sure override the classic diamond.



If you love a woman who loves reading, a book subscription box could be the perfect gift. A way to escape that promotes both self-care and relaxation, many women are trading their kindles in for the real thing. With more people home than ever and our ability to travel limited, books are great escapes that can help the woman on your list feel like she was able to take an adventure in spite of a global pandemic.

Whether you buy her books on her reading list or build her a home library inspired office, books are becoming more and more popular with women who’d prefer reading to a diamond.

While every woman is different, and some will swear their dog or cat’s their real best friend, the best way to replace the diamond is to ask her what she wants. From makeup and beauty products to subscription boxes and colorful gemstones, the special gift you select for her could very well replace that diamond.