Why You and Everyone You Love Should Have a Gas Mask

It seems like all we talk about in the past year or so is masks. With the COVID-19 pandemic presenting masks and face coverings as the earliest defense against contracting or spreading the virus, we have become dependent on them for something as simple as a trip to the supermarket. However, masks have greater protective qualities, able to provide defense in a litany of circumstances.

For example, gas masks have had a tremendous impact on society, with heightened concern over biological warfare abroad. Here are a few reasons why you and your loved ones should invest in these protective masks.

Filtering Dangerous Chemicals


A proper gas mask filter is truly life-saving. With looming threats of chemical agents being used against others, having a full-face gas mask on hold can be a good investment in case of an emergency. While the threat of nuclear fallout may not be extreme, these face masks can also be useful in other situations where toxic substances and irritants can be at play.

For example, you may have seen protesters opting for gas masks in the event of the use of pepper spray and other riot control agents by law enforcement. Inhaling those chemicals can do significant damage to your respiratory system, plus your vision. Having this as an assistant for breathing and eye protection could spare you a litany of health issues down the line.

Health and Disease Prevention


While you may have opted for an N95 throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, those on the front lines against this invisible enemy are opting for full-face masks and gas masks to protect them from the coronavirus. These respirators provide a proper seal, allowing for minimal discomfort for hours on end. This allows for a breathing apparatus that keeps people protected from any litany of viruses.

It is important to have a durable mask when directly dealing with disease prevention and the health and wellbeing of others. Specific gas filters can provide those essential and frontline workers with a little more peace of mind.

Disaster Relief


After significant natural disasters or even man-made ones, some experts have recommended having access to gas masks due to unknown environmental dangers. You may have seen members of the National Guard were a military gas mask upon arrival to the aftermath. This is because of potentially broken gas lines brought on by natural or manmade damage. It is the approach taken in circumstances of warfare to any unknown inhalants that may be present.

There is great question and concern about air quality in these situations, with constant developments taking place. Having a gas mask allows you to survey any damage to your home while making sure that you and everyone inside have a gas filter keeping you safe against certain elements. By keeping these dangerous vapors out, you can discover any issues with greater immediacy.

Average Daily Tasks


It’s not uncommon to wear a mask when you’re cleaning around the house to avoid inhaling bleach or any other chemicals. Some people have found that a gas mask is good to have on hand when taking on other tasks like painting indoors, or possible pest control inside your household.

It is important in these situations to help yourself further by having great cross ventilation, but you can even boost the indoor air quality further with oxygen-rich floor plants. These houseplants may need some minimal care, with succulents especially requiring very little from their owners to grow beautifully. A little bit of sunlight and some water are enough to combat any dangerous aerosol sprays with plenty of oxygen to keep you breathing healthily. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to bring some bright light into your household.