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Ways to Stay Cool and Hydrated This Summer

Summer heat can inevitably feel stifling. When combined with dehydration, though, it can be downright dangerous. As scary as that prospect can seem, fortunately, it’s one that’s easily avoided. With caution and a bit of preparation, you can stay cool and keep hydrated all summer long—and you might even find that you maintain your healthy habits and convenient comfort through autumn and well beyond winter.

Stay Cool


In the most basic sense, hot summer weather can be uncomfortable. In more severe cases, though, it can be downright dangerous. Conditions like heatstroke can be caused by prolonged exposure to heat and can lead to complications including death.

Double-check your indoor space.

When it’s too hot outside to fathom leaving the house, it’s crucial to make sure your home is cool and comfortable in comparison. If your air conditioning is malfunctioning, for example, look for the best experts in AC repair in Cocoa, Florida, and hire a technician to fix your air conditioner or install a replacement AC unit if necessary.

AC repair might not be the only task to cross off your summer to-do list ASAP but it‘s nevertheless a critical component of staying cool all season long. Even a simple issue with your thermostat can lead to more serious problems with your HVAC system as summer goes on, so you want to be sure you make any repairs as early as possible.

Plan your outings carefully.

Avoiding the worst of summer’s heat doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors 24/7. Before heading to Cocoa Beach or your neighborhood pool, though, you must consider the weather and other factors. For example, you might schedule a trip to the beach around peak times to enjoy the shore without crowds or excessive sun. Of course, you‘ll still want to apply adequate sunscreen!

Stay Hydrated


Often comorbid with heat stroke, dehydration is another dangerous risk that becomes more prevalent during the summer months. With symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, and disorientation, dehydration can also be deadly in severe cases.

Make it more convenient to drink water.

Maintaining a healthy level of hydration can seem like an impossible task when you’re having to walk to the water cooler every few minutes for a miniature cup of water. Instead, make it easier on yourself by filling up a reusable water bottle at the start of the day or enrolling in a bottled water delivery service at home and keeping your water dispenser in a prominent location. The more easily you can access clean water, the more likely you’ll be to stay hydrated.

Hydrate in alternative ways.

Drinking enough water is key to basic hydration but it isn’t the only method you can utilize. Many foods—particularly fruits and vegetables—also contain significant amounts of water. If you simply can’t drink yet another glass of tap water (or even bottled water), reach for a handful of strawberries or slices of cucumber as a healthy, hydrating snack. You can’t skip drinking water entirely, but you can make it easier by supplementing your water intake with fruits and vegetables, especially when facing hot weather.

In the summer months, few concepts are as critical as finding some cool air and drinking plenty of water. While this may seem difficult, especially if you’re already tired from the smothering heat, it doesn’t have to be impossible. Make sure your air conditioning or other cooling systems are in working order and plan your outings during times where the sun won’t be quite as abrasive. Carry a bottle of water or some hydrating fruits and vegetables along with you and you’ll create a recipe for a happy, healthy summer.