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Upgrading Your Restaurant Without Breaking the Bank

Restaurants are businesses specializing in food preparation services. Clients go to restaurants to receive meals prepared by kitchen staff and served by wait staff. Many people enjoy eating out because they can take a night off from cooking and enjoy a meal while socializing with friends or family.

Restaurateurs spend a lot of money to obtain the resources required to run a restaurant. They may also opt to upgrade when equipment breaks down, or when new equipment offering food preparation and storage advantages is available. Although upgrades can be expensive, using these tips will ensure you can acquire the resources you need without breaking the bank.

Explore vendors to find the best deals.


Restaurants need a lot of equipment, including pizza prep tables, sandwich prep tables, freezers, mixers, food pans, cutting boards, stainless steel shelves, and dishware. Search for restaurant equipment suppliers who can provide the equipment you need at affordable prices. Some restaurant equipment suppliers offer financing plans. Working with companies that offer to finance can help you secure a new refrigerator, stainless steel prep tables, and other crucial items you need for your restaurant upgrade.

Reputable equipment suppliers may also sell used equipment, enabling you to replace old equipment for a fraction of the cost. Purchasing used equipment can be an effective way to expand your business and access the resources you need for your restaurant without paying more than you can afford.

Apply for small business loans.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) supports several loan programs for small businesses, making it possible for small business owners to secure financing to launch or expand their business. While microloans fund up to $50,000 of expenses, 7(a) and 504 loans offer up to $5 million in loans to qualifying businesses. The type of loan you apply for may depend on your specific needs. If you’re planning to relocate your business or fix your building, you can apply for a 504 loan. 7(a) loans are ideal for companies who need to buy new equipment.

SBA loans offer access to long-term and short-term loans with affordable interest rates. Unlike loans from private money lenders, the interest rates for SBA loans make it possible to afford to repay the loan without financial hardships. You also don’t need to have collateral to secure the loan. The SBA guarantees a portion of the loan, increasing the likelihood your loan application will be successful. Once you qualify for the loan, you’re required to make monthly payments to repay the loan.

Use professionals to create software for your business needs.


Restaurateurs may be experts in food service, but they may not understand how to create computer programs. Fortunately, experts manage teams of professionals who can meet your technological business needs. Managed team members can produce customized software designed to help you perform tasks. Effective software can reduce your workload, eliminate errors, and increase efficiency, which can save you money on operating costs. Customized restaurant software can help you set prices, develop a menu, split bills, and issue notifications when orders are ready. You can also use restaurant software to take orders, ensuring kitchen employees receive correct instructions for each clients’ orders and that orders are delivered to the correct clients. Digital product developers can also produce mobile apps and other products to increase your efficiency and improve customer service. Ultimately, these products can help you identify underutilized resources you can sell and equipment that will help you increase profits, ensuring you invest your capital wisely.

Seek investors.


You may be able to expand your business with investor capital. To do this, you must have a comprehensive business plan that shows you understand your industry and have a strategy for increasing revenue. Business plans involve industry research, operating budgets, and income projections. You’ll also need a marketing strategy to show how you plan to reach ideal consumers and attract new customers. Investors may contribute investment capital to your business based on the strength of your business plan. You may work with investors as co-owners of your business, or they may assume the role of a silent partner who owns a share of your restaurant while you run the business. It’s also possible to negotiate repayment terms with investors to regain sole ownership of your restaurant. Seeking investors is a complex option, but it’s a viable way to access funds without paying high-interest rates.

From employee salaries to insurance and equipment costs, restaurateurs incur considerable ongoing expenses. It’s possible to upgrade your restaurant affordably by researching vendors, securing small business loans, investing in software that can help you reduce your operating costs and increase profits, and securing investor capital.