Trends That Are Taking Over the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry garnered close to $500 billion in 2020. Researchers predict the industry will hit a $1 trillion milestone in less than a decade, with its largest buyers’ market being the UK and the U.S. Aside from all the numbers, the industry is also the source of several innovations.

Celebrities and other influencers are taking the cosmetics industry by storm. High-end brands are also pushing the limits to how you can take care of your body one manufacturing process at a time. On that note, check out some of the trends taking over the beauty industry.



As the world advances, people are increasingly embracing liposuction, which uses suction techniques to remove fat from specific areas like the abdomen, hips, and thighs. Many liposuction patients are often crucial in selecting the best surgeons.

There are also several procedures for patients to choose from depending on their skin type and other preferences. As of 2020, laser liposuction was the most sought-after due to its quick procedure. If you need expert advice, professionals like Dr. Eugene Nowak can help. He’s an award-winning, board-certified dermatologist who pioneered the popular and highly effective ThermaLipo Liposuction technique. You can read more about his work on

Plant-Based Beauty

Skincare products make up about 19% of the highly valuable beauty industry. Review a typical skincare product line and you’ll see exfoliant, lotion, serum, body wash, scrubs, and lip products like balms. All these skincare products help eliminate wrinkles, dryness, and other skin conditions like dark spots. Over the years, the industry has also been a thriving place for quack brands and products with harsh side effects. This partly explains why organic skincare products made from plant extracts like Aloe Vera and organic coconut oil are becoming the favorites.

Over the last decade, the industry has seen several plant based beauty products made from herbs and other essential vegan nutrients. And the primary reason fueling the increasing adoption of vegan-friendly brands is the sickening notion of harmful chemicals with many side effects. These chemicals are a burden for sensitive skin and the environment.

For many users, choosing a vegan beauty product or beauty brand is their way of helping out in the world’s collective fight for sustainability. This fight also includes the advocating of cruelty-free production methods. But in adopting vegan products, be aware of greenwashing. It’s a new term to label products vegan even if they contain harsh chemicals.

Nail Technology


Moisturizing the palm and throwing on any nail polish or formula used to be all there was for nail therapists to serve clients. Today, advancements in techniques, tools, and color selection are all contributory factors fueling nail technology. Modern nail tech professionals are highly advanced and technically trained individuals. In servicing clients, these professionals don’t only consider the moisture of your palm but also go deeper to determine which color best matches your skin type. They also feature clean ingredients that guarantee nail comfort.

Internal Wellness

In recent years, the beauty industry has seen growing traction in personal care and overall wellness. But the COVID-19 pandemic heightened the need to prioritize other wellness areas, like mental health, as much as skincare. People are growing more conscious of what they eat, prioritizing superfood ingredients over junk foods. Many health experts also advocate for a greater intake of fruits for essential vitamins and antioxidants while others focus more on routine exercises and fitness choices like taking collagen supplements.

All these can impact how an individual appreciates beauty. Wellness takes a full-coverage approach of what goes into the body, what the mind feeds on, and how environments and choices affect us.