Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go to College

Okay, so maybe Bill Gates didn’t get a college degree but Michelle Obama did, so which option is better? In today’s times, success doesn’t follow a linear path and a college degree doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be successful—like most things in life. It’s all about why you want it, and what you’ll do with it. Perhaps you’re a high school junior and your school counselor has been attending your first-period class every day to encourage you to go to college. But your friend who lives across the country has been making upwards of $15,000 making YouTube videos—that’s a year’s tuition in one month! Or, maybe you’re a mother who never had the opportunity to attend her dream school so it’s your mission to encourage your kid to begin the college admission process and earn a scholarship to Harvard Business School like you wish you had.

There are many routes to go down in life whether you want to become the next Insta-famous Tik-Tok dancer or earn a masters business administration degree, we’ll break down the top reasons you should consider going to college.

1. Learning is about more than just getting a job.

Our society puts so much emphasis on work that we forget learning and education is power. One of the best aspects of attending college or any third-level institution is that you get to learn for the sake of learning. Choosing different electives can be fun because you get to experiment with different subjects and get a feel for topics that you believe will suit you. Take a class on Shakespeare even if you have no interest in becoming an actor but just because it’s fascinating.

2. You get to explore new places.

Attending college after high school can be one of the most practical ways to leave your hometown with a safety net. Leaving home is scary enough but having a new “home base” that you’re heading to can relieve the extreme pressure of relocating to a brand new place. Even though you’re leaving one home, you’re heading to another. Your college admission counselor can be a great aid here to help you discover schools and new locations that are just right for you.

3. You will meet new people.

College is a great opportunity to step out of your own comfort zone and learn new social skills. Make an effort to join a new club, try out for a new sports team, and go to every social event possible. Who knows but maybe you’ll end up meeting your future Maid of Honor or Best Man. So many people have attributed college to helping them create lifelong friends. Moreover, you can earn your science degree while also making best friends by joining a sorority or fraternity.

4. You gain independence.

Starting university is that middle ground between being a teenager and having your parent make all of your doctor’s appointments for you. Becoming an adult means you have to do all these things on your own. Your first semester of being fully independent might be tricky but over time you’ll come to discover that you are your own individual fully capable of going to the doctor alone. Taking out student loans is scary, but going to the doctor without your mom doesn’t have to be!

5. Earning a degree is something to take pride in.

Attaining a degree is something to take great pride in as it’s a reminder of the dedication and perseverance that you endured. A graduate or master’s degree is definitely hard work but it has the most rewarding benefits like being the gateway to a plethora of jobs but also offers you an insight into the knowledge that you otherwise may not have been introduced to. Career goals take many shapes and secondary education can open doors to so many endless opportunities. Finding a mentor or college counselor while in high school is a great way to aid you on your path to that deserving degree.