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A Gift-Giving Guide for Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, people are in full swing trying to find the perfect gifts for friends, family, and loved ones. This year, after an unconventional series of events, it might be time to step back and assess the kind of gifts you want to both give and receive. Sticking with the classics, reaching out to the community, and doing it safely may put you at the top of Santa’s favorable list. For ideas on gifts with a twist, read on.

Stick with the classics but add a twist.



It’s not always about the gift you give but how you do the giving. After an unconventional year, simple and classic gifts might be more appreciated than usual. A pair of denim jeans, wool socks and a necktie might be all that’s needed to bring back holiday favorites in a year that’s felt anything but traditional. But how you deliver these classic gifts could have a twist.


Ho, ho, ho! What about piling up all these gifts, dressing up as Santa, and taking a ride to your friends’ and family’s porches to drop them off? You can maintain a safe social distance while getting pictures you’ll laugh about in years to come. Later, on Christmas day, you can watch them open their gifts with a holiday-themed Zoom session.


If virtual ugly sweater parties don’t sound like your thing, another way to make your gift-giving special this year is to schedule a family digital party where you play your favorite classic games. No one says tradition has to be thrown entirely out this year. If Mom’s ham’s the best and your pies can’t be beat, why not swap on the front porch safely? Being creative will go a long way with both the gift-giving and the overall ways you choose to celebrate.

Random Acts of Kindness



Most of us know what it feels like to feel isolated. But imagine what it feels like to spend the holidays locked up. The holidays are the perfect time of year for opening our hearts and spreading good will toward others. Consider writing a letter to someone in jail when you fill out those holiday cards this year. No matter which holiday you celebrate, someone behind bars would appreciate a message of outside cheer.


Because we’re all in this together, another great gift you could give to make this year special is to put your talents and free time in shutdowns to good use. You could sew holiday-themed masks for educators in your local schools, or bake cookies for the elderly couple down the street who can’t have visitors. If you live in a snowy place, consider taking a day helping people out with free shoveling.


Holiday gifts don’t have to be material things, and they can come at any time during the holiday season. This year, when thinking about your gift-giving, find little ways to spread some cheer to neighbors and even strangers. Your random act of kindness could change a whole lot more than someone’s day.

Shop smart and safe.



Now, more than ever, it’s important to be thinking about shopping safely during Christmastime. Keeping debit card passwords safe or walking to cars in dark parking lots are no longer the main concerns. This year, holiday shopping safety has taken on a whole new meaning.


With local businesses in dire need of shoppers on Main Street, you can make plans to shop in person and still be safe. One way to do this is to try to shop during non busy hours. Or, look stores up online ahead of time to see if they offer curbside pick up. Many retail and small shops have made this an option and it’s helped to keep their doors open.


There’s no doubt that holiday gift-giving and even shopping will be different this year. But with some creative thinking and planning ahead, you can still make memories and connect to family and friends.