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What to Look for in a Short Term Rental

Renting a property can offer unique flexibility for those on a short term assignment or in need of a quick and easy move in process. Renting gives you some significant benefits over the purchase of a home. For one, the option to simply move on at the end of your lease allows for a pain free transition into a new home on the other side of town or in a completely new city. While U.S. workers are taking on more jobs than ever—averaging twelve jobs in a lifetime these days—itchy feet are sending those employees on a cross-country adventure more frequently as well.

Some workers require a rental to help defray rising hotel costs as business travel returns to become a part of typical working life again after the coronavirus pandemic subsides. Whatever your specific use case, a short term rental that ranges from a single month to a full calendar year is a great way to provide the mobility and low costs that you are looking for in a property.

Many people will tell you that homeownership is superior to the rental option, but this is only true for individuals who are planning a long duration in their home or town. The average American remains in an owned home for just over thirteen years, meaning that this option is great for those with a steady work-life balance in a particular community or those who are older and are planning a transition into retirement. For others, the fast pace of life makes renting a highly sought-after option for excellent mobility and limited liability.

The benefits are numerous, but in order to really make the most of your time in a rental property, it’s a great idea to take these additional considerations and stylistic flourishes to heart.

Renting removes the burden of maintenance.


First and foremost, renting removes your liability when it comes to upkeep on the home or apartment. Need a new roof? That’s the landlord’s responsibility. There are thousands of little details involved in the day to day life of homeowners, and these burdens are not shared by you as the tenant. A short term rental is often well maintained as well. This is because your landlord knows that the home will need to be applicant-ready as soon as the current tenant (perhaps you) moves out.

Short-term rentals often require a fast turnaround in order to maintain cash positivity for the homeowner, so high quality inclusions like Muskegon windows with state-of-the-art weather seals are a mainstay in these types of properties. As the renter, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the window treatments or replacement windows, yet your landlord will want to remain competitive with these qualities of life inclusions as a standard.

Vinyl sides, natural light, appliances with high energy efficiency ratings, new windows, and other peace of mind-inducing upgrades are a must in this arena, and as the renter, you get to take full advantage of these high quality homes features.

Think about a fully furnished home or apartment for the greatest level of flexibility.


A fully furnished apartment or home is a great way to simply move into a turnkey space and leave again once you decide to move on to a new location. Searching for “HouseStay short term rentals near me” is a great way to begin this house hunt and can net you some fantastic properties in no time. HouseStay is a property management outfit for business travelers looking for month-long or other short-term rental options are some of the first applicants to these types of properties. Rather than relying on an Airbnb, which may either work in your favor or leave you wanting for a more appropriate set of conditions, homestay options with HouseStay are some of the most professionally managed properties on the market.

Decorate with your own personal flair.


Renters tend to decorate less than homeowners with years of lived-in additions to their properties. This is a natural component of the divergence of home styles, yet you don’t have to live without these inclusions as a renter. In fact, you should focus on making the home feel more comfortable for you own good. Adding in pet-safe plants that are recommended by the ASPCA and won’t make your dog or cat sick if they decide to chew on the fern or African Violet that you’ve added to the corner offers a great addition to any home.

A Spider Plant, African Violet, or another non-toxic plant that needs bright light or indirect light—depending on your particular home’s configuration—can immediately boost the homeliness of your space and make you feel greater peace of mind each time you return home at the end of a long day of work.

No matter where you choose to rent, consider fully furnished options and stylistic inclusions that speak to your style for the greatest comfort possible.