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Simple Ways to Talk to Your Kids About God

Talking about religion and faith can be a bit awkward and even challenging once our kids begin to ask questions we can’t answer. It’s a monumental topic that can be hard to approach. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. Check out 5 ways to talk to kids about God!

Avoid Manipulation   

It can be tempting to use religious principles to get our children to behave. But most children are intuitive, and some might start to feel manipulated. I mean, how convenient for you that there is a commandment in Christianity that says, “honor thy father and mother”? Using God to guilt children into behaving can result in resentment of you and God.

Start A Dialogue After Church

After church, be sure to ask kids how they feel about what they learned. Children should know they can come to us with questions about their faith. Make them feel like it’s ok if they’re struggling and ask questions. For example, instead of interpreting stories for them ask questions like, “What do you think that story is trying to tell us?”

Make It Understandable  

Make learning about God easier and more fun for kids. Reading them books like the Jesus Storybook Bible can encourage them to associate religion with fun instead of a “boring” sermon. The Bible can be hard to interpret even for adults. It’s important to provide them with age-appropriate options to learn about the gospel.

Let Them Know Nobody Has All the Answers (Including You)

Discovering what we believe can be difficult and now it’s your child’s turn to make this discovery. Before they hear about alternative beliefs, get in front of it by humanizing yourself and telling them what you believe. But be sure to let them know that nobody has all the answers (except God).

Reassure Them

Tell your kids about the realities of having strong beliefs. Make sure they know that they will face challenges. Then reassure them that you (and God) are always on their side to help build them up when they face struggles.

While talking to our kids about such a serious (and HUGE) topic as God can be difficult, we can prepare ourselves by knowing what we’re going to say and how we’re going to approach the topic. Make sure you’re ready to be your child’s “go-to” person when they have religious questions.

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