Relaxing Activities for a Lazy Sunday

Sunday is the final day of the weekend, and as such, most people would prefer that it be reserved for relaxation and/or preparing for the coming week. For some, it’s a day with religious significance reserved for deep reverence, for others it’s a day filled with family time, and there are even some who simply use Sunday to lie around and catch up on their favorite shows.

No matter what you typically use your Sunday for, most people generally feel better about days when they engage in some type of meaningful activity. This doesn’t mean going out and get in your final hour of strenuous exercise for the week unless you want to. You’re trying to relax here, after all. Having something to talk about the next day at the office probably wouldn’t hurt, though, would it? Here are just a few great ideas for activities that can make your laziest Sunday a bit more memorable.

Get yourself a subscription box


Okay, so it’s probably not likely that you can find a subscription box service that will send you a box every Sunday, but it’s a great option to have for the weekends when the box does arrive. Curling up with a great book is a universally relaxing experience that’s worthy of your Sunday, and there are plenty of book subscriptions you can check out.

Book of the Month is one of the most popular options, and it allows you to choose one out of five new books to receive at the beginning of each month. If this pace is too slow for you, you can add another book each month, so you can reserve more Sundays for reading. You can also find subscription boxes that ship extras with your books, such as morning coffee or cocoa, or even some great accessories.

Make time to hang out with your cat


If you’re a cat lover, you’re probably used to the fact that they like to keep to themselves a good amount of the time. Still, you need your quality time, and Sunday can be the perfect day to carve it out with a cardboard cat condo. It’s a well-known fact that cars are wild about paper wrapping and cardboard boxes, so why not give them a box that will last? Each cardboard cat house features six surfaces with adorable cat-themed designs, and they’re made from corrugated cardboard, so they’re extremely durable.

This kitty condo is likely to become your cat’s favorite place in the house in record time since cardboard can easily absorb your cat’s smell to make them feel safe. Whether you’re starting a friendship with a new kitten or want to show your long-time furry friend some appreciation, this is an easy way for any cat owner to make it a great day.

Try out some sustainable cannabis products


If you need help relaxing during your Sundays, it’s hard to go wrong with CBD oil or THC vape cartridges. Of course, which products are legal for you to order may change depending on your state, but CBD is legal anywhere, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. No matter what you need, The Legion of Bloom has you covered.

Whether you’re after Legion of Bloom THC or CBD vape products, you can rest assured that all flowers are responsibly grown and cultivated, and they contain no additives. All vape products contain high-quality terpenes combined with cannabis extracts. Supporters of CBD claim that it’s able to help them relax without providing the psychoactive “high” of THC, for customers who want a gentler experience. Remember that it’s always advisable to consult your doctor before trying new supplements or similar products to get advice on potency and dosage.