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Careers Options in the Beauty Industry

If you have a love and passion for all things beauty or cosmetics, there is a good chance you can find a fitting career option in the beauty industry. Whether you want to specialize in hair, makeup, or skincare, there are options for you. Additionally, if you have experience as an artist, marketer, designer, or in business, there is likely a beauty-related position available at a cosmetic company or salon. There may also be career options for you that you can take on as a second job or side hustle, depending on how you strategize your work-life balance. Also, not all of the jobs available in the beauty industry require an individual who has attended and completed cosmetology school, though that can be a plus for almost any position. If you are curious about the different career options available in the beauty industry, read on for a guide.

Hair Or Makeup Artist

Hairstylists and makeup artists perform a lot of the tasks you might think of when you think of the beauty industry. They both work with clients to create a change in appearance that suits their unique style and facial shape. Each of these jobs can also be done on a freelance basis, which means you may be able to specialize in special event hair and makeup, special effect hair and makeup, or just see specific clients as needed. These jobs give you the flexibility to have another job outside of the industry if you wish, though they still require hard work.

Esthetician Or Dermatologist

If you are interested in or have a passion for skincare, you may be apt to try a career as an esthetician or dermatologist. Both jobs work with people to better their skin, though a dermatologist is a clinical doctor who must attend medical school to be certified. An esthetician may work with clients to provide facials or facial massages in order to even tone, provide hydration, or maximize skin’s glow. 

Accountant Or Financial Advisor

If you have a background in finance and have a knack for numbers, working in accounting or bookkeeping at a beauty company or brand may be a great way for you to retain a connection to an industry you care about while flexing your skills. Every business needs to do taxes, including beauty-related businesses and salons, so you may find yourself in high demand if you are a CPA or have an accounting degree. 

Marketer Or Brand Designer

If you are a creative and innovative thinker but do not fancy yourself much of a makeup or hair artist, you may be interested in product design and development or marketing. These fields are all about creating and selling beauty products. The development of these products can be intricate as there are many details to think about: the product itself and its performance, the packaging of the product, and the ease of use, among others. People who have a keen eye and a pulse on what the public wants may be perfect for these roles.

Cosmetic Shop Or Spa Owner

Of course, if you want to get started in the beauty industry, there is nothing stopping you from starting your own cosmetic business or medical spa. As a spa owner, there are many things you will need to manage, such as employee recruitment and training and equipment purchasing. To make launching your business easier on your wallet, consider purchasing used cosmetic equipment from cosmeticlaserwarehouse, which sells high quality certified pre-owned equipment at a much lower price. Saving money on your spa’s equipment means you can spend more money on other things, like marketing and providing a high level of customer service to your clients.

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