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Tips for Starting Your Own Health & Wellness Brand


As kombucha and boutique fitness take over the market, all eyes are on the wellness industry. Countless brands are releasing their unique take on health, taking stock in this $4.2 billion industry. So, if health is your passion, now is a great time to take a leap and start your own wellness brand. 

Not sure where to start? This guide will break down some key steps to take when starting your brand and breaking into the wellness industry.

Find your niche

Even if you are interested in every aspect of the wellness industry, you need to enter the market with a specific niche in mind. Doing so will help customers find you while allowing you to stand out from the competition. For example, if you want to open a gym, consider narrowing your concept and start a spin studio. Entrepreneurs who love natural beauty might start with a mineral-based lipstick brand. You can always expand your brand later, but it’s certainly helpful to have a specific entry point to start with.

Perfect your online presence

Once you know exactly what your product or service is going to be, it’s time to create a branded online presence. Use a website builder tool or hire a developer to create a website, carefully crafting your copy to deliver a specific brand message. Stick to a color scheme, take quality photos, and ensure that your website is easy to navigate. Your social media pages should mirror your brand as well while providing specific calls to action for your customers. 

When it comes to your online brand, quality is everything. Think through every post, bio, and comment. Each piece of your presence introduces the online community to your product or service, ideally convincing them to buy.

Choose a distributor you trust

If you are selling a product, be sure to do plenty of research on potential distributors. For example, supplement businesses should invest in the highest quality private label supplements on the market. When you find a trustworthy distributor, you know that your product will deliver on your promises and actually enhance your customers’ health. So, make sure that you read through the ingredients in the supplement and test it out yourself before you sell it. If you would use it in your daily life, it’s a safe bet that your customers would too. 

Polish your customer service

Health and wellness are very personal, so you want to make sure that your customers can contact you easily. Even one-person companies and small teams need to be available to answer customer questions and address concerns. Otherwise, your customers could be disappointed, abandon the product, and even write a bad review. Products like cloud call center software can help you optimize your customer service and accurately track analytics. Companies like Bright Pattern, the contact center software Gartner named as an industry leader, offering call center solutions and AI technology to enhance customer communication. And when you prioritize client needs through software like this, they will continue investing in your products or services. 

Stay consistent 

You set up your social media, launched your brand, and are prepared to give excellent customer service. Now you just need to stick with it. Consistency is key for growing your brand, and this commitment is often what helps new brands last. Post on social media regularly, publish your newsletter as promised, and be proactive with product launches. Customers are comforted when they know what to expect, which creates a sense of brand loyalty.

Since every wellness brand is different, certain marketing and business techniques will work better for you than others. So, never stop learning. The key is to carefully track your analytics and listen to customer feedback during your first year in business. Over time, you’ll learn what will help your brand grow and what is best left in the past.

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