A Week in Atlanta on a $55,000 Salary

Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today: A professional mover who makes $55,000 per year

Occupation: Mover

Age: 31

Location: Atlanta, GA

Salary: $55,000

Day 1


Unlike traditional 9 to 5 office jobs, my experience as a professional mover means working weird hours and sometimes having odd days off. Because I help a lot of people move on the weekend, I actually get to relax on Monday. Today, I let myself sleep in, got up, and went to the grocery store, then went out to a movie with my girlfriend after she got off work. Pretty chill day to relax as I get ready to go over stock and inventory more tomorrow.

Total: $22

Day 2


Today, I started getting stuff organized and ready to go for the busy weekend ahead. I needed to check in on the box truck rental options that we have going out this weekend. Many people who are moving need these truck rentals to be reserved in advance. So today was one of those days where I put on my customer service face and made the schedule with all our rental trucks and cargo vans on reserve. Especially here in Atlanta, not everyone has too much stuff to move from apartment to apartment, but it’s still good to include that variety of rental equipment. I was on the phone most of the day, so I had to order in some lunch before coming home and cooking for dinner.

Total: $15

Day 3


It was filing day, where I had to get all the logistics for the future contracts put together. It’s always interesting to look into the database and see different files and information. I went down a rabbit hole trying to figure out all the details about Alamos Gold in the Republic of Turkey. They mine ounces of gold for companies around the world and other third-party organizations. I guess if I need any further assistance for my own finances, this wouldn’t be a bad investment long-term. I ended up calling my financial planner to try to figure out some tips moving forward for my savings account. Looks like I might be billed a bit for our next planning meeting.

Total: $40

Day 4


First moving day of the week. I seemed to tweak my back a little bit as I was carrying a couch up a three-story apartment building. On the way home, I grabbed an ice pack and some Advil just so I can heal up tonight and prep for the rest of the busy weekend.

Total: $16

Day 5


I only took one job in the afternoon so I could get a bit of a break in the morning. It was perfect because I got to visit with my mom for brunch to help celebrate her birthday. We went to a new brunch place in the city that she’s really been wanting to try. Was a fun morning and the job this evening was really straightforward.

Total: $63

Day 6


Busy, busy day today. I grabbed coffee and a donut on the way to the first job, and work didn’t really stop from there. I had three different moves today and ended up getting home around 7. Thank goodness I didn’t plan anything tonight because I’m about to fall asleep super early after icing my back.

Total: $0

Day 7


Another busy day, but only two moves to help with today. The first couple was super nice and had everything so organized it made my job super easy. On the way home from the last job, my partner and I stopped to enjoy a few drinks and toast another successful weekend of manual labor. Ready to do it all again next week.

Total: $24

Weekly total: $180